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Sweet Cheeks Leggings Head office ~ NEW ZEALAND

We are so pleased to be bringing Sweet Cheeks Leggings to a neighbourhood near you.


Contact: Tui Wilson


Phone: 021 023 50292  

Sweet Cheeks Leggings from DK Sphere - Silverdale, Auckland

DK Sphere brings together the world of creative dreams and wild adventures by looking for items that give your every day routines a touch of colour and comfort with our divine Sweet Cheek Leggings. 


Join our sphere of colour and adventure in Auckland. 



Phone: 021 0250 4049 

Sweet Cheeks Leggings from Tui - New Plymouth

I have always loved leggings! And now I get to share Sweet Cheeks Leggings with you all - perfect! Enjoy the most incredibly soft,comfortable and affordable leggings with attitude! Print or plain & a size for everyone. Fitting Your Life!


Phone: 021 023 50292

Sweet Cheeks Leggings with Phillippa - Inglewood

I am SO excited to join the Sweet Cheeks NZ network of distributors. 
I hosted an event and fell in love with the amazing array of colours that are available. 
I LOVE their feel. 
I love that they wash and wear. 
I love that I can complete a workout and not have undie show-through.
I love that they are affordable.
and I love that I can share them with you.

Now available through Pilates For Living - in class, or host yourself a get-together.



Phone: 021 115 2156

Keryl's Sweet Cheeks Leggings- Stratford

I am very excited to be joining the Sweet Cheeks team.

After purchasing a pair from a party, I had to have more!  I had my own party and I knew I wanted to become a rep and share these super comfy leggings with such an assortment of colours and patterns with all the women in my area.

So affordable and the kids love them too!



Phone: 027 314 9011

Jessi-Leigh's Sweet Cheeks Leggings - Upper Hunter Valley, NSW, AUSTRALIA

I am so excited to be a Rep for Sweet Cheeks. I first discovered them when I hosted an online party for a friend and fell in love. I found them extremely comfortable and wish I had them when I was pregnant. I will definitely be stocking up for the next baby!


Now I am out to share them with everyone and to help other mummies be more comfortable. You can be both comfy and stylish at the same time.


Phone: 048 017 2413

Sweet Cheeks by Denise - Hawera

My name is Denise and I am orginally from Upper Hutt, Wellington but now live in Hawera. I work part time at a mechanic workshop in the office and now I have taken up the opportunity to be a rep for Sweet Cheeks Leggings. As a Mum, a traveler and someone who enjoys exercise, I love these leggings! Comfort, style and to give a bit of fun to the wardrobe.


Phone: 022 658 9827


Albertine D - Nelson/Central South Island

We are excited to be sharing Sweet Cheeks Leggings with you in Nelson and the Central South Island.  An extensive range of amazing patterns and sizing to fit adults, kids & juniors.  Perfect for both the summer & cooler southern months.


Phone: 027 309 8878


Elese's Sweet Cheeks Leggings - Invercargill/Southland

Hello Everyone!  The moment I laid eyes on Sweet Cheeks Leggings I knew I wanted to be a part of the team.  They are affordable, super comfortable!, great quality and there is a unique range of stylie funky patterns to choose from! Sweet Cheeks Leggings can be worn for any occasion.  I’m so lucky to have been given such a great opportunity to become a rep and can’t wait to introduce them to you here in the Deep South!


Phone: 027 840 9814


Sweet Cheeks Leggings By Kasey - Palmerston North

I found these leggings at the Women's Lifestyle Expo in Palmerston North and fell in love with them.  I become obsessed with them and needed more.  They are the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn and want to share them with everyone.  From then I knew I wanted to be a representative.



Phone: 0273606920


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